Natural Environment Award

Recognises those who are committed to conserving the unique natural environment of New South Wales.

This award recognises conservation leadership striving to protect and preserve NSW’s precious natural environment, including our ecosystems, threatened species (both plants and animals), natural habitats, land and soil and water resources.

2018 Green Globe Award joint winners

Australian Museum: Australian Museum FrogID Project

'This is a great recognition and motivates our team to continue to deliver educational, engaging and fun citizen science experiences that help inform and protect our environment.'

Kim McKay AO, Director and CEO, Australian Museum

The FrogID project is a scientific rescue mission that everyone can join. Enthusiastic frog-lovers all over Australia are using a smartphone app to record frog calls and send them in, helping identify where our precious frogs are thriving and where they're struggling. Australia has over 240 species of frogs – the majority are found nowhere else in the world.

Australian Museum FrogID ProjectOver 25,000 calls have already provided invaluable data to protect rare and endangered amphibians. More records have been captured by citizen scientists in 6 months through the app than any traditional methods in an entire year.

It's part of learning how different frog species respond to changing environments and collaborating to save our beautiful frogs from extinction.


Lord Howe Island Board: Lord Howe Island Weed Eradication Project

Weed removal on Lord Howe Island'Winning an Award is a great chance to acknowledge the significant achievements of the Project led by Sue Bower and strong biodiversity and weed management plans from the Board and its staff.'

Peter Adams, CEO, Lord Howe Island Board

Lord Howe Island (LHI), the world's most southerly true coral reef, is half way through a tremendous initiative to banish invasive weeds that threaten this unique island ecosystem of resident and migratory plants and animals.

Lord Howe Island Weed Eradication ProjectAfter 15 years, the Weed Eradication Project, led by the LHI Board, is really gaining momentum, showing the power of long-term commitment to delivering tangible and cumulative environmental outcomes. There has been an 80% reduction in target weeds, 10 species have been eliminated and 20 more are close. Many hours have been spent removing more than 2.4 million weeds.

An incredible effort by scientists and the local community in monitoring and removing pest species to restore and improve the island's Word Heritage environment.


Greater Sydney Local Land Services / Oceanwatch Australia: Living Shorelines

Greater Sydney Local Land Services / Oceanwatch Australia team next to a riverbankLiving Shorelines, a partnership between Greater Sydney Local Land Services and Oceanwatch Australia, recognises that oysters are an essential part of the ecosystem.

However, as natural oyster reefs have disappeared from our coastline, they investigated overseas success in recreating oyster reefs and found that oyster shell waste, contained in biodegradable bags, is recognised by oyster spawn to create new colonies.

So far, it has prevented 10.5 tonnes of waste oyster shell going to landfill with huge potential to reclaim more.