Public Sector Leadership Award

NSW state and local government departments and agencies that are integrating strong environmental practices.

This award recognises outstanding public sector organisations in NSW that have successfully integrated environmental management and sustainable practices into their planning, operations, product or service delivery.

Only open to NSW public sector organisations.

Nominations have now closed for the 2018 Green Globe Awards.

2017 Green Globe Award winner

Department of Planning and Environment: Renewable Energy Advocate

Amy Kean and daughter running along a gravel road in a wind farmAmy Kean’s new job in 2013 was the first position of its kind in Australia, possibly the world.

The title was renewable energy advocate and her role was running a small, high-impact team within the Department of Planning and Environment to work across government, industry, community groups and academia to increase both awareness and uptake of renewable energy in the state.

Amy has been particularly active in public forums, speaking at more than 100 events to promote renewable energy and its broader benefits to both residents and businesses.

Amy’s team has contributed strongly to mainstreaming and increasing awareness of clean-energy technologies across both government and community groups.

The team has given powerful support to 34 large-scale renewable energy projects worth around 5000MW of new capacity and $7.8 billion in investment to the state, helping to lift the renewables share of energy supply from 13% to more than 20%.