Resource Efficiency Award

Organisations that are leading the way to conserve resources and reduce waste.

This award recognises NSW organisations that have implemented practical solutions for clean energy, water saving and conservation, waste avoidance, resource recovery and/or recycling practices.

2018 Green Globe Award winner

Blantyre Farms

Group of schoolchildren in protective clothing at Blantyre Farms'Winning an Award celebrates and recognises our magical pigs and also the perseverance and commitment of our team, to make sustainability a major part of our business.'

Edwina Beveridge, Owner Blantyre Farms

Blantyre Farms specialises in pigs, and has an holistic approach to sustainability.

Resource Efficiency AwardShowing true resourcefulness, poo from 40,000 pigs is used to generate energy – powering the farm and cutting harmful greenhouse gasses. It creates 2000 megawatt hours of renewable electricity each year, and so far, has removed 65,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent from our atmosphere. Blantyre no longer buys electricity, instead selling back $120,000 of renewable power in the last two years.

Reducing food waste is a priority – the piggies take care of 13,500 tonnes of food waste destined for landfill and cardboard food waste containers are recycled. Through these initiatives, Blantyre is helping its partners towards their goals of zero landfill, saving money and the environment.


Auburn Hospital: Think Before You Bin It

Staff at Auburn HospitalAt Auburn Hospital, the cleaners have taken on the environmental challenge of diverting hospital waste from landfill and inspiring hospital staff to 'Think Before You Bin' Their initiative has so far, recycled a significant number of items including 12,000 plastic bowls, and 20,000 articles of clothing for local wildlife rescues. Dressings, surgical supplies and equipment, still in their sterile packing but thrown away past use-by dates is redirected to medical teaching or to the Doctors Assisting in South-Pacific Islands program.


Kindershare with baby goods for saleKindershare began as an idea to make parenting easier and cheaper while encouraging reuse of quality baby goods. It's now a website that helps connect owners and renters of children's equipment - saving on space, parenting costs, and stops discarded gear going to landfill. It provides free listings and insurance coverage as well as helping parents avoid purchasing time-limited items. In its first year, Kindershare has connected more than 400 families and saved approximately 50 tonnes of greenhouse gasses.


Responsible Cafes

Two women at a cafe counterVolunteer run Responsible Cafes, is successfully reducing disposable coffee cup waste. It partners with around 3700 cafes nationally, engaging customers to 'choose to reuse'. In New South Wales, 17 councils are on board and 30 million cups are saved from landfill each year. It encourages cafes to offer discounts to customers with their own cup who in turn, save money and reduce their own environmental impact. Participating cafes are located via a free online tool with nearly 25,000 searches each month.