Young Sustainability Champion Award

Celebrates young people with drive, commitment and a passion for the environment.

This award recognises future sustainability leaders who have already achieved outstanding change in their community.

Open to individuals born on or after 1 July 1989, living in New South Wales.

2019 Green Globe Award winner

Shalise Leesfield: Shalise's Ocean Support

Shalise Leesfield, Shalise's Ocean SupportShalise Leesfield is only 12 years old but she is already one of the country’s most effective sustainability champions. With Port Macquarie Council she gained NSW EPA funding to combat plastic litter in local waterways, leading to Shalise’s Ocean Support — a national marine protection campaign. She is the 2019 Environmental Citizen of the Year, is representing Australia at the Parley Youth Summit, and was chosen by famed oceanographer Philippe Cousteau to host the Australian launch of his Earth Echo ‘Plastic Seas’ Expedition.


Brody Smith: Kua

Dan Brody (left) KuaAustralians drink 6 billion cups of coffee a year adding 75,000 tonnes of coffee grounds to landfill. Brody Smith co-founded social enterprise Kua, in 2017, to promote sustainable coffee consumption and production. Kua sells Ugandan fair trade coffee through partner corporations and UNSW and collects the grounds to be repurposed for fertiliser and body scrubs. Kua has diverted more than half a tonne of coffee grounds from landfill this year alone and supports 100 Ugandan women through the Cents for Seeds program.


Campbell Harvey: Australian Islamic College of Sydney

Campbell HarveyEnglish teacher Campbell Harvey initiated the Eco Active program at Australian Islamic College of Sydney, in 2018, to reduce playground rubbish and encourage recycling. The school now recycles an estimated 40,0000 plastic bottles and cans annually with 800 kilograms of food waste composted and repurposed as fertiliser for the school’s vegetable garden. To further deepen students’ understanding of the role they play in protecting the environment, Campbell has successfully liaised with teachers to integrate the program into curriculum assessment tasks.


Hannah Yuan: St George Girls High School

Hannah Yuan (centre), St George Girls High SchoolSt George Girls High School Year 11 student Hannah Yuan is distinguished by her personal initiative and passion for the environment. As a member of the school’s Environment Council and Worm Farm team leader she has forged a fruitful partnership with Georges River Council to pilot a worm farm workshop and achieve the school’s planting target for National Tree Day. She led the inaugural Kogarah Enviro Forum in collaboration with local high schools and engaged the mayor to address the forum.