Young Sustainability Champion Award

Celebrates young people with drive, commitment and a passion for the environment.

This award recognises future sustainability leaders who have already achieved outstanding change in their community.

Open to individuals who are 30 years or younger, living in New South Wales.

2018 Green Globe Award winner

Anika Molesworth: Climate Wise Agriculture

Anika Molesworth with 2 kelpies, one red and one black and tan'This Award is for all rural Australians demonstrating leadership, commitment, innovation and ensuring sustainable farming futures in NSW.'

Anika Molesworth, Founder, Climate Wise Agriculture

Thirty year old, Anika grew up on a farm in Griffith, NSW and knows firsthand the adversity faced by farmers. A passionate advocate for conservation, she's devoted her career to resilient agriculture and building strong rural communities.

She helped found Farmers for Climate Action, and connects land managers to researchers through her platform Climate Wise Agriculture. Anika also manages the International National Trusts Organisation's Sustainable Farms program.

Her recognition includes 2015 Young Farmer of the Year, 2017 NSW Finalist for Young Australian of the Year, and more recently, the NSW Young Achiever Award for Environment and Sustainability.

A true young sustainability champion, Anika shows great leadership, and a commitment to sharing information to inspire vibrant rural networks.

Highly commended

Angelina Arora: School Student

Angelina AroraWith growing international concern about plastic waste in our ocean, Angelina, a 15 year old student in Sydney, has created a plastic that is made of natural waste products, is clean to produce, and decomposes 1.5 million times faster than conventional plastic. Made from waste shrimp shells and silk cocoons, her innovation has potential for worldwide use. Angelina has already received science awards at national and international level, giving her a platform to promote her product and raise more awareness.



Arlian Ecker: Plastic Free Boy

Poster from Plastic Free BoyTwelve year old Arlian is 'Plastic Free Boy' – creating a movement to save turtles and other marine life from plastic. His film, Plastic Alarm, educates kids about the about the problem of single use plastic in our oceans and inspires them to make changes towards a waste-free future. The film screenings raise money for schools to improve their waste management like introducing reusable cups in the canteen. He's featured on ABC's Behind the News, Dirtgirl and Channel 10's The Project.


Charlotte Rose Mellis: VOPO Earth

Charlotte Rose Mellis surrounded by friendsAn avid diver, nature lover and traveller, 27-year old Charlotte saw that something needed to be done to counteract human impacts on our oceans and waterways. She cofounded VOPO Earth reaching out to communities, stimulating projects to protect nature, enhance quality of life and provide economic security through projects including Wild Enterprise (remote business), Rogue Plastic (waste management) and Moana (marine ecology). Charlotte also works with the Global Sisters network of female entrepreneurs to improve sustainability in Australia and internationally.