Recycling Innovation

This program targeted innovative solutions for priority problem wastes.

This program is now closed.

Recycling Innovation combined 2 previous programs:

  • Innovation in Priority Problem Waste Management
  • Innovation in Shredder Floc Management.


This $16.5 million program was aimed at innovative projects that would:

  • provide new recycling infrastructure solutions
  • establish (or expand) recycled material markets through research and development
  • improve and introduce new approaches and technologies to increase the efficiency of recycling facilities for the wastes listed in the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) priority problem wastes list.

The program focused on the following priority problem wastes:

  • plastic film and other plastics
  • copper chrome arsenic (CCA) timber and other treated timbers
  • tyres and rubber
  • nappies and incontinence pads
  • electronic waste (e-waste)
  • shredder floc.

However, strong and compelling proposals for other wastes were considered, such as:

  • materials that lack established recycled material markets in NSW
  • residue wastes generated from recycling processes
  • contaminants that if removed could increase the recovery of a waste stream
  • streams of low volume but highly toxic waste that pose significant risk of harm to the environment and human health.

Projects that incorporated research, development and investment in technology or infrastructure with demonstrated commercial application were preferred.

This program was delivered in partnership with the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) under the EPA's Waste Less, Recycle More program.


The program had 2 streams.

Stream 1 supported innovative infrastructure projects that demonstrated new and emerging technologies. Projects that had reached at least the early stage of commercialisation were preferred.

Stream 2 supported research and development that could help establish markets for recycled materials from priority problem wastes. Projects could include:

  • design and development of new commercial products that use recycled materials
  • development of new markets for existing products (e.g. through field trials and product testing).

Funding available

Grants were offered to cover up to 50% of project costs to the following amounts:

  • Stream 1 – from $100,000 to $1 million
  • Stream 2 – from $20,000 to $200,000.

Who could apply?

It was preferred that projects:

  • involved partnerships between industry and tertiary/research organisations
  • incorporated research, development and investment in technology or infrastructure with demonstrated commercial application.

When can applications be made?

This program is now closed.

In 2016 (round 2)
  • Stream 1 allocated $1,503,969 to 3 projects
  • Stream 2 allocated $457,700 to 3 projects
In 2015 (round 1)
  • Stream 1 allocated $6,404,468 to 13 projects
  • Stream 2 allocated $488,560 to 7 projects

Project summaries