Aboriginal Heritage Information Management System

We maintain the Aboriginal Heritage Information Management System which records information about Aboriginal Places and objects.

Viewed from the south bank Brewarrina Fish Traps Aboriginal World Heritage protected historic site Barwon River Aboriginal Fisheries Ngunnhu of the Ngemba.

The Aboriginal Heritage Information Management System (AHIMS) is a database that contains detailed information on over 93,000 recorded sites and over 13,500 archaeological and cultural heritage assessment reports.

Recorded Aboriginal objects and places, and declared Aboriginal Places, are referred to as ‘Aboriginal sites’ in AHIMS.

AHIMS includes information about:

  • sites reported to the Chief Executive of the Department
  • sites declared by the Minister for the Environment to have special significance with respect to Aboriginal culture.

Aboriginal communities use AHIMS to help them identify, manage, conserve and protect local sites and heritage.

Government, industry and heritage professionals use AHIMS to access information for land-use planning, regulation and conservation management. The information on the database can also be used for archaeological surveys, cultural heritage research projects, development proposals, property purchases and oral history projects.

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