Project summaries - 2009 Environmental Education - community grants

2009 Environmental Education - community grants
OrganisationProject titleAmount $
Auburn Community Development Network IncMultilingual multimedia community education program


Australian Network for Plant Conservation Inc Managing native vegetation in travelling stock reserves


Birds AustraliaIntegrating biodiversity to create sustainable urban developments


Birds AustraliaDoes biodiversity education work: a case study using urban birds


Candlagan Tomaga WaterwatchSouth coast estuary health and climate change


Dairy NSW LtdDairy effluent management training in the Sydney catchments


Mid Coast Dairy Advancement Group Implementation of Farmer Targets for Climate Change 


UnitingCare NSW Environmental sustainability education for aged care


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Auburn Community Development Network Inc
Multilingual multimedia community education program
Grant: $100,000

This two year project will utilise the methods of community cultural development to engage diverse communities across Western Sydney to develop and produce a multimedia/multilingual resource education pack. Trained facilitators will run a series of workshops to develop storylines to produce digital stories/radio pieces to be broadcast on community language radio programs. Multimedia education kits will be produced to distribute to community organisations and service providers, and a mentorship program will be undertaken with agencies and groups to identify individuals within communities to be trained up as bilingual community educators on environmental issues.

Australian Network for Plant Conservation Inc
Managing native vegetation in travelling stock reserves
Grant: $51,351

This project will conduct six two-day workshops (over 3 years) to engage on-ground managers and users of Travelling Stock Reserves to improve their ecological knowledge and plant conservation skills. A comprehensive course module will be a resource for further workshops outside this funding. Development and delivery will involve collaboration with Catchment Management Authorities, Livestock Health and Pest Authorities, the Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water and Conservation Management Networks to:
- identify needs, locations, develop resources, and engage presenters and participants
- deliver the workshops and evaluate success and outcomes.

Birds Australia
Integrating biodiversity to create sustainable urban developments
Grant: $15,650

This is a pilot project aimed at establishing dialogue with the development industry to create practical solutions that will inform sustainable urban development and protect and enhance biodiversity. The project will engage key players in landscape design and management in the development industry and make use of existing resources and materials including the scientifically based Best Practice Guidelines for Enhancing Bird Habitat. Participants will gain knowledge about biodiversity and be provided with practical tools to integrate biodiversity considerations into existing development industry documentation. Phase 2 of the project will involve commitment from Lendlease (GPT) Rouse Hill to trial the Guidelines in an open space development "The Paddock" creating a showcase demonstration site for best practice sustainable development to be shared nationally.

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Birds Australia
Does biodiversity education work: a case study using urban birds
Grant: $77,509

This project will investigate the effectiveness of biodiversity education delivery using, as a case study, the tools and resources of Birds in Backyards (BIBY) – the Birds Australia program which has been running since 2000. The project will evaluate attitudes and behaviour change associated with use of the BIBY website and e-learning resources, plus the BIBY face-to-face workshops and bilingual environmental education resources. A questionnaire, and interviews, will build on the areas covered in the NPWS Urban Wildlife Renewal (2000) project by focusing on investigating attitudes to biodiversity and habitat fragmentation, and specifically collecting empirical evidence which measures types and sustainability of actions taken as a result of education in these areas. This data will then be fed back to educators to enhance environmental education programs.

Candlagan Tomaga Waterwatch
South coast estuary health and climate change
Grant: $50,000

Industry and community will implement an estuary health program designed by project partners and NSW Waterwatch 2008-09, plus be educated about climate change. The project delivers training packages individually tailored to groups, schools, industry, community and natural resource management (NRM) bodies for scientific assessment of estuary health and threats, whilst educating participants about estuary-based environmental problems and solutions. Training will be on an individual group basis, with quarterly regional workshops that include NRM stakeholders. Stronger links with industry, community and councils/natural resource managers will be forged to assist with restorative and protective works, in response to data, threats identified, climate change models and health assessments. Industry will contribute unique data on species and movements, to prioritise threatened species and estuary works.

Dairy NSW Ltd
Dairy effluent management training in the Sydney catchments
Grant: $59,000

This project concerns training, education and one-to-one support to deliver 20 individual farm specific operational plans for the management of dairy effluent associated with dairies in the Sydney drinking water catchments. In collaboration with the Sydney Catchment Authority, NSW Department of Primary Industries and the Southern Rivers Catchment Management Authority, these farms have already upgraded their effluent management infrastructure to manage dairy waste at or above acceptable industry practice, but residual risks remain with the on-going maintenance of effluent systems. This project aims to achieve current best management practice in order to meet higher level water quality outcomes sought for the Sydney drinking water catchments.

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Mid Coast Dairy Advancement Group
Implementation of Farmer Targets for Climate Change
Grant: $99,980

Farmer Targets for Climate Change (FTCC) provides dairy farmers with the skills, knowledge and resources to maintain sustainable production in a changing environment. The implementation of FTCC builds on the success of the Efficient Water, Energy and Nutrient Use on Dairy Farms project. Tools and resources have been developed to help dairy farmers reduce the carbon footprint of their industry. Energy and water audits and benchmarks have been prepared and demonstration sites established. Options have been prepared to assist farmers adapt to climate change and the increased probability of severe weather events. Fact sheets and case studies have been developed and piloted in readiness for group implementation across the Mid North Coast and Hunter regions of NSW through the proven Farmer Targets for Change program.

UnitingCare NSW
Environmental sustainability education for aged care
Grant: $50,000

Energy and water conservation education through best practice DVD, fact sheets, staff training and e-learning tools. Examples of best practice will be gathered from UnitingCare Ageing and other providers to demonstrate the efficiencies and innovation applicable to the aged care industry. Fact sheets, posters and in-house training will provide supporting sustainability education to a diverse group of employees. The education tools developed through the Environmental Trust funding will be freely available for other aged care provider and allied sectors. Through the Sustainability Advantage’s cluster groups, UnitingCare will promote sharing of experiences and information to feed into the education program.

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