Project summaries: 2015 Saving our Species Data-deficient Species Research

OrganisationProject titleAmount $
Australian Museum Resolving data deficiency in three threatened frog species


University of Wollongong Filling the gaps: ecological investigation of 17 data deficient plant species in NSW 100,050

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Australian Museum

Project:   Resolving data deficiency in three threatened frog species
Amount:  $104,683

Target species

Green-thighed frog

Peppered tree frog

Mountain frog

Litoria brevipalmata

Litoria piperata

Philoria kundagungan

PRA 81

PRA 82 and 83

PRA 101

Project description

The green-thighed frog (Litoria brevipalmata), peppered frog (Litoria piperata) and mountain frog (Philoria kundagungan) are species that have been allocated to the Data-Deficient Species Management Stream under the NSW Saving our Species Program. Research will focus on resolving taxonomic uncertainty and identifying key population sites (green-thighed frog). Research will also investigate the distribution, ecology and critical threats of the peppered tree and mountain frogs. Once completed, we hope to have generated a better understanding of each species' management requirements and inform the development of effective management prescriptions for their long-term conservation.

University of Wollongong

Project:   Filling the gaps: ecological investigation of 17 data-deficient plant species in NSW
Amount:  $100,050

Target species

Acacia flocktoniae

Atriplex infrequens

Deyeuxia appressa

Eucalyptus corticosa

Gentiana bauerlenii

Goodenia nocoleche

Grevillea divaricata

Hypsela sessifllora

Lepidium pseudopapillosum

Leptorhynchus orientalis

Monotoca rotundifolia

Ozothamnus tesselatus

Pomaderris bodalla

Prostanthera discolor

Pultenaea elus

Pultenaea sp. Olinda

Swainsona pyrophila

Flockton wattle

A saltbush


Creswick applebox

Baeuerlen’s gentian

Nocoleche goodenia


Formbe peppercress

Lanky buttons


Trailing monotoca


Bodalla pomaderris


Elusive bush-pea


Yellow swainson-pea


PRA 5, 6 and 7

PRA 27 and 28

PRA 42

PRA 61

PRA 62 and 63

PRA 64

PRA 71

PRA 77

PRA 78 and 79

PRA 86

PRA 95 and 96

PRA 105 and 106

PRA 117

PRA 126

PRA 127 and 128

PRA 135, 136 and 137

Project description

Over a three-year timeframe research will target 17 of the most data-deficient flora species in NSW. Priority research activites will be conducted across the state ranging from population, distribution, demographic and threat identification surveys, germination trials and experiments on fire and flood response and grazing exclusion. Data generated from completion of the priority research actions will inform the development of conservation projects for each species.  

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