Environmental Research grants

The Environmental Research program is now closed to expressions of interest and is expected to reopen in February 2019.


The aim of the Environmental Research program is to support applied research projects that help address environmental problems in NSW.  The objectives of the program are to:

  • generate new knowledge or information to facilitate local solutions to environmental problems
  • discover new methods of operation for NSW industries that are less harmful to the environment and enhance public good
  • knowledge and advance techniques to solve general environmental problems in NSW
  • assess and evaluate application of innovative solutions to decrease environmental degradation in NSW.


  • The total amount offered under the Environmental Research program in 2018 will be $1,000,000.
  • Grants of up to $150,000 are available. 

2018 program themes and priorities

To assist with future planning, the themes and priorities for the 2018 Round are listed below.

Theme 1: Resource management

Theme 2: Wetlands and river systems


  • Integration of biodiversity into sustainable agriculture
  • Impact of land use on water quality and ecosystem health


  • Wetlands in a changing climate

  • Allocation of environmental water

  • Ecological responses to changing flow regimes

Theme 3: Landscape management

Theme 4: Marine, coastal and estuarine ecosystems


  • Soil health and biodiversity
  • Biodiversity and resilience in rehabilitation and revegetation
  • New technologies for landscape management


  • Connectivity of ecological systems and habitats
  • New technologies for the restoration and protection of coastal and marine environments

2018 guidelines and application forms

The Environmental Research application process has two stages; Expression of Interest, and then application by invitation only.  For stage two, forms are sent to the invited applicants.


The planning and reporting templates for Research Program grantees are provided below. Go to Grantee planning and reporting for further guidance and information.

Monitoring and Evaluation Plan   Maps out what you will do to complete your project.
Project Measures Captures projected and achieved quantitative output data for your Education project.
Progress and final report form Communicates your project’s progress (usually annually), and final achievements on project completion.
Financial reporting A financial report is required with each progress and final report, and for budget variation requests.
Page last updated: 12 June 2018