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How to make a progress claim – A step by step guide

When to make a progress claim

ou can make a progress claim for completed work in accordance with the Milestones in your Funding Agreement.

Review your Funding Agreement

What is required?

 For each progress claim you must provide:

  1. a completed Tax Invoice/Grant Payment Claim form
  2. a brief progress report using your own format
  3. copies of all receipts/invoices listed in your Summary InvoicesTable
  4. Project Compliance Certification form completed by yourheritage specialist

To access these documents go to the Heritage Branch website then select Managing your project from the lefthand menu; select your program then Project documents for downloading.

Note: we can only reimburse you to a maximum of the approved grant amount each financial year, unless previously agreed otherwise. If you have a 2 year grant you will only be able to claim 50% in the first year with the remaining 50% available in the second year.  

Get ready to make a claim

Collect your paid invoices and prepare a Summary Invoices Table using the example below. Make sure you fill in both columns for each invoice.

Voluntary contributions

Add the details and cash value of your voluntary contributions (if included in your Funding Agreement) to the Summary Invoices Table (see example below).

Funding Formula

Check the Special Conditions in your Funding Agreement.
Find the paragraph called Funding Formula. For each dollar you spend, we will reimburse you using the funding formula specific to your project.
Your funding formula was created by calculating A ÷ B x 100 = C, where:
A = your approved grant amount
B = total project cost
C = how many cents in the dollar we will reimburse you

Calculate your claim

Refer to your Summary Invoices Table to find “D” - the TOTAL Actual Cost (exc GST) and apply your funding formula to calculate how much we will pay you. i.e, C x D = E, where:
C = how many cents in the dollar we will reimburse you
D = TOTAL Actual cost (excl GST) from your Summary Invoice Table
E = how much grant we will pay you

Complete the Tax Invoice/Grant Payment Claim form

Note: If any critical details have changed, please advise the Heritage Division NOW. To complete the Tax Invoice/Grant Claim enter the following amounts:
Enter “E” into Grant Amount Claimed $_______
Enter “F” into Total actual cost of work completed to date is $___ (inc GST)
Attach your claim through your SmartyGrants Online account. 
The Heritage Branch is now a paperless workplace. Please email all correspondence to Heritage Grants at Note: You must send ALL documentation in ONE email – do not ask your heritage specialist to send documents to the Heritage Division separately.

Summary Invoices Table

An example of a completed table

Date/ invoice


Payee name

Actual Cost
(Excl. GST)
Actual Cost
(Inc. GST)
1 27/09/2011 Bunnings $10,595.94 $11,655.53
#0935 JR Stoneman P/L $8,509.09 $9,360.00
#222 Grace Restorations P/L $9,095.45 $10,005.00
4 #455 Fire Access Upgrades P/L $3,536.50 $3,890.15
n/a n/a

Voluntary contributions –
Actual cost (no GST)

Building labourer-10 hours @ $20

$200 nil
n/a Donated paint 2 x 5 litres $120 nil
    TOTAL $32,056.98=

Further assistance or enquiries

Please contact the NSW Heritage Grants team: 02 9873 8577


Page last updated: 25 October 2017