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About us

Heritage Council of NSW Committees

The Heritage Council of NSW is established under the Heritage Act 1977 (NSW). The Council is a statutory body that includes members of the community, the government, the conservation profession and representatives of organisations such as the National Trust of Australia (NSW).

The Heritage Council advises the Minister for Heritage on heritage matters in NSW and makes recommendations to the Minister for listing of places and objects on the State Heritage Register. The Heritage Council also make decisions about the care and protection of heritage places and items that have been identified as being of state significance. 

The role of the committees is to provide high level specialist knowledge, skills and experience to assist the Heritage Council with making informed decisions on statutory and non-statutory heritage matters in NSW. The committees will provide independent expert advice to the Heritage Council on significant and complex issues in heritage conservation, protection and management as they arise.

State Heritage Register Committee (SHRC)

The SHRC, along with the Heritage Council of NSW, make recommendations for the listing of items on the State Heritage Register. The committee also provides expert comment on planning documents for major heritage places. Minutes of the State Heritage Register Committee are available online.

Approvals Committee

The Approvals Committee determines, comments on, or suggests amendments to proposed changes to listed items under delegation from the Heritage Council of NSW. Minutes of the Approvals Committee are available online.

Heritage Committee

The role of the Heritage Committee is to provide ongoing expert and independent advice to supplement and enhance the Heritage Council’s knowledge and experience on heritage matters including; Aboriginal heritage, historic and maritime archaeology, engineering, landscapes, local government, and planning.

Technical Conservation Committee

This committee is responsible for providing expert technical advice about upgrading heritage buildings to satisfy building code, fire, access and service requirements in ways that retain their heritage significance.

Heritage Grants Committee

The Grants Committee role is to recommend funding priorities, review applications and make recommendations to the Heritage Council about the NSW Heritage Grants Program.

Contact the Heritage Council Secretariat for further information.

Email: HeritageCouncil.Secretariat@environment.nsw.gov.au

Phone: 02 9873 8500

Page last updated: 22 October 2018