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Hard hat, 1980s

The field staff of the MWSSDB had to attend many potentially hazardous situations that required the wearing of safety gear such as hard hats. The hard hat shown here is coloured in the signature shade of blue (Azure) that is depicted in the Board's livery colours painted in the Letters Patent.

Unlike Prospect County Council, the MWSDB used the badge illustrated in the Letters Patent for marking its property and identifying its staff to the general public. The badge on the hard hat shows the bouget, or water bags, that is also the principle charge on the shield of the Board's Arms. The initials 'SWB' refer to Sydney Water Board, the name used by the Board in the 1980s prior to corporatisation in 1991. The use of the bouget badge ceased at this time.

This hard hat was made c1981 by North Protective Helmets, with an expiry date (for the durability of the plastic material) of 1986 inscribed on the inside. The badge appears to have been painted onto the plastic surface rather than transferred or stuck on.

Some questions to research:

  1. What are the origins of the bouget as a symbol of transporting water?
  2. What does the use of the bouget as the badge of the MWSSDB suggest about historical function of supplying water to a community?

Image source: Nathanael Hughes, 11th October 2006

Page last updated: 01 September 2012