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NSW Coat of Arms, Rural Bank Martin Place, Sydney 1936

This head office building was opened in 1936, and the historical exhibition appears to have been one of the events held to celebrate the opening. Two notable artefacts in the exhibition are a bale of wool (centre-left) and a wheatsheaf (right), each of which reflect the two principle charges on the shield of the NSW Coat of Arms: a golden fleece and a garb.

The display of the NSW Coat of Arms in the exhibition associates the bank and the State with the production of wealth in the state, and with the use of that wealth - the central image in the exhibition is 'Rural Bank Loans' - loans to primary producers, and loans for home buyers were two key components of the bank's business at this time.

Some questions for research:

  1. What was being implied by associating the official coat of arms with financial support from the state for farmers and home buyers?
  2. Are there other symbols of NSW that include images of a wheatsheaf and a woollen fleece?

Image source: Sam Hood Collection, Home and Away 23246, State Library of NSW, Picman


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