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Name of item: Dwelling
Other name/s: The Ranch
Type of item: Built
Group/Collection: Residential buildings (private)
Category: House
Primary address: 314 Fry Street, Grafton, NSW 2460
Local govt. area: Clarence Valley


The property boundary . Located on the corner of Fry and Cranworth Streets.
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Street AddressSuburb/townLGAParishCountyType
314 Fry StreetGraftonClarence Valley  Primary Address

Statement of significance:

This Federation or earlier house is significant for its association with one of the migrant German family who successfully settled in Grafton and continued traditional agriculture such as wine growing. Post 1914 it was associated with the family of Jacob and Annie Schaefer. It is historically significant because it demonstrates development outside the main urban area and is aesthetically pleasing. Located on a corner block it is a well known landmark historic dwelling.
Date significance updated: 22 Oct 15
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Physical description: Original a four roomed weatherboard cottage located on the corner of Fry and Cranworth streets. Hipped short sheet iron roof with skillion over the front and side verandahs. Joinery to Fry street appears original. Weatherboards to Fry street tooled to resemble stonework. Very tall painted brick chimney intact. Metal fence. Fibros garage to the side.
Physical condition and/or
Archaeological potential:
Well maintained
Date condition updated:12 Nov 07
Modifications and dates: New fibro garage. See notes for earlier description of the house.
Current use: Residence
Former use: Residence


Historical notes: The following comes from the notes of Noel Schafer (1/6/2005). "The property was owned by my grandparents Jacob and Annie Schafer from about 1919. However I believe that they resided there much earlier than that date. I am fairly certain that they were living there at the time of the wedding of my parents Frank and Effie Schafter in February 1914. I do not know the name of the original owners. The existing residence is not in its original layout. The original layout comprised two portions. The house fronted Fry Street and the front section comprised four rooms plus verandahs on both Fry and Cranworth street sides, and a smaller section of verandah along part of the western side. At the rear of this main building was a detached portion of the house consisting of a kitchen, pantry, and a large dining and living room with attached small portion of verandah looking over the Racecourse across Cranworth Street. This rear section of the house was connected to the main building with a covered walkway roofed in galvanised iron.

My grandfather sold the house after the death of his wife late in the 1940s. I think may be 1948 - 49 but I cannot remember the name of the purchaser. The original land block owned by my Grandfather comprised an area of frontage to Fry Street of about half depth towards Nelson Street and about 1/3 depth along Cranworth Street towards Dobie street, less two house blocks. My Grandfather in addition to his job as a delivery man for Powell's Store was also a part time vegetable grower, but more particularly a grape grower, and a home wine maker. The wine was made in a barn located back from Fry Street and west of the front of the house. The grape vines were tresilised along about 5 rows of post and wire and ran parallel to the Fry street frontage for the full depth of the fenced paddock."

This house was then bought in the 1950s by the Grafton Brewery with the intention of building a hotel on the site. This did not eventuate and the house was bought by Mr T. Gwybir Henry (son of Dr Henry). He lived in the house until his death. This is confirmed on Drainage diagrams that show Mr TG Henry as the owner 8/1/1962.

Historic themes

Australian theme (abbrev)New South Wales themeLocal theme
2. Peopling-Peopling the continent Ethnic influences-Activities associated with common cultural traditions and peoples of shared descent, and with exchanges between such traditions and peoples. Germans-
4. Settlement-Building settlements, towns and cities Accommodation-Activities associated with the provision of accommodation, and particular types of accommodation – does not include architectural styles – use the theme of Creative Endeavour for such activities. (none)-

Assessment of significance

SHR Criteria a)
[Historical significance]
The building is historically significant and demonstrates residential development at the turn of the 20th century.
SHR Criteria b)
[Associative significance]
The house is significant for its association with a migrant german family who sucessfully settled in Grafton and continued traditional agriculture such as wine growing.
SHR Criteria c)
[Aesthetic significance]
The building is aesthetically significant as a landmark historical dwelling in the outer urban area of Grafton
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Recommended management:

Also identified by Jahn (1985) as contributing to the historic fabric of Grafton.


Heritage ListingListing TitleListing NumberGazette DateGazette NumberGazette Page
Local Environmental Plan  10 Jun 11 2011-272 
Local Environmental PlanClarence Valley Local Environmental Plan 2011I61323 Dec 11 2011-701 
Heritage study     

Study details

TitleYearNumberAuthorInspected byGuidelines used
Grafton Community Heritage Study2004 J. Gardiner  Yes

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