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Nds 2282 - Coaching Stock - Sitting Carriage

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Name of item: Nds 2282 - Coaching Stock - Sitting Carriage
Other name/s: Sfs 2282, Bds 2282
Type of item: Movable / Collection
Group/Collection: Transport - Rail
Category: Railway Locomotives & Rolling Stock
Primary address: North Eveleigh Heritage Store, Eveleigh, NSW 2015
Local govt. area: Sydney
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North Eveleigh Heritage StoreEveleighSydney  Primary Address


Organisation NameOwner CategoryDate Ownership Updated
RailCorpState Government 
RailCorpState Government 

Statement of significance:

Sitting Carriage NDS 2282 has heritage significance as a good intact example of a mid 20th century 2nd class sitting car. It was designed and constructed as one of the last generation of 2nd class carriages prior to the development of the stainless steel cars from the mid-late 1950s. The carriage was one of the last set to be used by locomotive hauled trains on regular passenger services to Broken Hill, Goulburn and Griffith. These carriages were highly regarded as they were considered very comfortable for long distance journeys. Even though no longer extant, this carriage was unusual in that they were designed with a judges’ compartment at one end. Also, this carriage is important for its late use of riveted steel exterior cladding and other features typical of mid 20th century carriage construction. The seating was renewed in 1985 demonstrating the reuse of the car in its final days of regular running.
Date significance updated: 16 Nov 09
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Builder/Maker: Commonwealth Engineering
Physical description: EXTERNAL
Sitting Carriage NDS 2282 was built by Commonwealth Engineering in 1949 as an integral bodied, steel, second class open saloon. The car is painted Indian Red with a single chrome yellow band (this colour scheme was applied to the four remaining NDS cars in 1994). The car is 21.03m long, and weighs 41.25 tonnes. The body is steel framed and clad in painted riveted sheet steel panelling. Each side has a door at each end with a mix of fixed and openable aluminium-framed windows.

Internally the car consists of a single compartment with two small entrance vestibules at each end. Seating is for 48 in "Aircraft" Type D cloth covered seats in a 2+2 combination with a central corridor. Luggage racks and curtains have been installed.
Physical condition and/or
Archaeological potential:
Operational Status: Operational
General Condition: Moderate Condition
External Condition: Moderate Condition
Internal Condition: Good Condition

The external condition of the carriage is moderate with corrosion along roof edges for the full length of the car. Top row of rivets on each external wall has signs of corrosion. Bogies are complete and brakes are in good condition, though one hose is missing.

The carriage is generally in an excellent condition with new carpet and upholstery. Air Conditioning has been installed. Some seat swabs are missing. The Judges compartment has been removed.

Lead paints is assumed to be present due to age of vehicle. There are possibly small amounts of asbestos in electrical controls.
Date condition updated:28 Oct 09
Modifications and dates: September 1949 - Entered service as an SFS saloon.
October 1985 - Converted to daynighter. Saloon seating and compartment removed and replaced by new day-nighter seating. New curtains installed. Original toilets retained. Recoded BDS.
October 1989 - Converted to NDS daynighter. Interiors stripped and the saloon extended. Two lavatories were provided at one end only. Day-nighter seats retained.
Current use: NSW Government Railways Collection
Former use: Carriage


Historical notes: Twenty-five second-class cars, coded SFS, were built for the RUB sets. Their layout followed a similar pattern to the SBS first-class cars, with a men's toilet at one end. At the other, a seating compartment and ladies’ toilet was provided. Seating was fitted for 49 in the saloon, with a further eight in the compartment. The saloon seats were pitched at 371/2" (955mm).

In 1956, SFS 2267 and 2268 were recoded SFR when the compartment was stripped and rebuilt for beverage storage. This storage compartment was removed and the cars recoded SFS in 1960, the saloon being lengthened and seating provided for 57.

The passenger compartments of Nos 2219 and 2281 were altered in April 1963 and the cars recoded as SFR. The cars were marshalled next to the RS buffet car on the lnter-Capital Daylight, giving extra space for food preparation and takeaway snacks.

In 1981, the second-series SFR were taken out of use. No.2279 being altered to an SDS, while 2281 was later condemned. Both SFR types had a seating capacity of 49.

In 1985-86, five of the remaining SFS cas, Nos 2269, 2282, 2283, 2285 and 2286 had their interiors refurbished.
Both the old saloon seating and the compartment were removed and replaced by new day-nighter seating. One side of the aisle had 13 rows of seats whilst the other had 11, giving a capacity of 48. New curtains were installed in lieu of the old cloth, pull down, sunshades. The original toilets were retained. These cars were then coded BDS. Roof mounted air-conditioning equipment was fitted to 2283.

In 1988-89, SFS Nos 2265 and 2274 and the five BDS cars had their interiors stripped and the saloon extended. Two lavatories were provided at one end only. The former SFS cars retained economy turnover seating for 72 passengers and were coded SFE. The five BDS cars, which retained the day-nighter seats, sat 64 and were coded NDS. In the SFE cars the seats lined up with the windows, but in the NDS cars there was a window/seat mismatch. A sixth NDS car was rebuilt from TDS2268. which had been previously converted from SFS 2268 in 1985. This car had no compartment as an SFS and was similar to the BDS cars until conversion to NDS.

During 1992 the remaining SFS cars, which were being used on Southern line working to Goulburn, had the compartment doors removed.

Historic themes

Australian theme (abbrev)New South Wales themeLocal theme
3. Economy-Developing local, regional and national economies Technology-Activities and processes associated with the knowledge or use of mechanical arts and applied sciences Creation of railway towns-
3. Economy-Developing local, regional and national economies Transport-Activities associated with the moving of people and goods from one place to another, and systems for the provision of such movements Railway work culture-
4. Settlement-Building settlements, towns and cities Accommodation-Activities associated with the provision of accommodation, and particular types of accommodation – does not include architectural styles – use the theme of Creative Endeavour for such activities. Railway workshops-

Assessment of significance

SHR Criteria a)
[Historical significance]
Sitting Carriage NDS 2282 has a moderate level of historical significance as a good representative example of a the last 2nd class carriages designed for locomotive hauled trains between major destinations including interstate services prior to the development of stainless steel carriages. They were unusual in that they were designed with a judges’ compartment at one end.
SHR Criteria b)
[Associative significance]
Based on current knowledge, Sitting Carriage NDS 2282 is not known to have any special associations with people or events of significance in a local or state context. It does not have significance under this criterion.
SHR Criteria c)
[Aesthetic significance]
Sitting Carriage NDS 2282 has a low degree of aesthetic significance as it retains its riveted steel body, timber lined interiors and judges compartment: the design of this carriage is significant as the last style of carriage built for NSW country services.

NDS 2282 Sitting Carriage has a moderate degree of technical significance for its late use of riveted steel exterior cladding and other features typical of mid 20th century carriage construction.
SHR Criteria d)
[Social significance]
The Sitting Carriage NDS 2282 is likely to have a degree of social value for the community-based associations who have demonstrated an ongoing interest in its conservation and management. This item may also have a degree of social significance to a broader section of the community linked to its historic, aesthetic and associative values.
SHR Criteria e)
[Research potential]
Sitting Carriage NDS 2282 has a low level of research significance for its ability to provide information on the late use of riveted steel exterior cladding and other features typical of mid 20th century carriage construction.
SHR Criteria f)
Sitting Carriage NDS 2282 is an example of a mid 20th century 2nd class sitting car and as such is relatively rare.
SHR Criteria g)
Sitting Carriage NDS 2282 is a good intact representative example of a mid 20th century 2nd class sitting car.
Integrity/Intactness: Sitting Carriage NDS 2282 retains a high level of integrity and intactness. The vehicle is extant externally except for its livery which has been changed several times. The only other major changes to the item is the removal of the two compartments from the Sydney end of the car.
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Heritage ListingListing TitleListing NumberGazette DateGazette NumberGazette Page
Heritage Act - s.170 NSW State agency heritage register     

Study details

TitleYearNumberAuthorInspected byGuidelines used
S170 Rolling Stock Review2009 NSW Department of Commerce  Yes

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