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Name of item: Warehouses
Other name/s: Munn Street Bond Stores, Dalgety Bond Stores
Type of item: Built
Group/Collection: Retail and Wholesale
Category: Warehouse/storage area
Location: Lat: -33.8584502882 Long: 151.2022518830
Primary address: 6-20 Munn Street, Millers Point, NSW 2000
Parish: St Philip
County: Cumberland
Local govt. area: Sydney
Local Aboriginal Land Council: Metropolitan
Property description
Lot/Volume CodeLot/Volume NumberSection NumberPlan/Folio CodePlan/Folio Number
PART LOT100 DP838323
All addresses
Street AddressSuburb/townLGAParishCountyType
6-20 Munn StreetMillers PointSydneySt PhilipCumberlandPrimary Address
Hickson RoadMillers PointSydney  Alternate Address


Organisation NameOwner CategoryDate Ownership Updated
NSW MaritimeState Government 

Statement of significance:

The Munn Street former warehouse complex is important as a townscape feature in this area of dramatic topography. Its different building forms and shapes display a progression of functional architectural style, reflecting the difficulties of building on this contorted terrain. It also demonstrates the redevelopment and change of the area associated with civil works that followed the bubonic plague of 1901. It perpetuates the memory of Dalgety & Co, one of Australia's largest mercantile companies, and maintains a historic link with the maritime activities of Millers Point . The internal structure and mechanical features provide additional scientific significance. (Godden Mackay Pty Ltd 1996:1147)
Date significance updated: 26 May 98
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Construction years: 1875-1875
Physical description: The former Dalgety's Bond Stores were originally a complex of three warehouse components, known as Dalgety's Bond A, B and C. Only blocks A and C survive. Surviving features of Block B include sawn stonework , beam corbels and flashing grooves provide evidence of its attachment to the surviving buildings. Block A is an irregular gable roofed sandstone structure. Block C is a brick building almost rectangular in plan with a parapeted sawtooth south-light roof. The two buildings adjoin. To the north, facing Munn Reserve (formerly Munn Street) at the Argyle Street bridge , Blocks A and C are 2 and 1 storey in height respectively. To the south and west, however, the steep fall of the site reveals three more storeys below, addressing Hickson Road and the carpark adjacent to the wharf. In the refurbished interiors much original fabric has been kept including the heavy posts, beams and roof trusses of Block A, and the remarkable trussed girders and roof trusses of Block C. (Godden Mackay Pty Ltd 1996:1147)

The group consists of two complimentary warehouse buildings fronting onto what is now the Munn Reserve. They both feature free classical facades but illustrate two distinct phases in warehouse construction - one incorporating a timber structure, the other steel. The original detailing is largely in tact , both internally and externally. Contains an hydraulic pump and lift structure which is given an "A" class listing by the National Trust's IEA Committee. The bale lifts and overhead crane were fabricated by Babcock & Wilcox. (Anglin 1990:1042)
The former Dalgety's Bond Store is a good example of an early stone warehouse, which if retained will maintain a link with the early commercial character of the area, once the hub of Sydney's shipping activity. (M.Stapleton 1978)
Physical condition and/or
Archaeological potential:
Fair condition. The original detailing is largely intact , both internally and externally. (Anglin 1990:1042)
Date condition updated:09 Aug 13
Modifications and dates: Store B was demolished c1970-78. The face brickwork and sandstone basework have been texture finished and painted. The street front shop has been converted into a medical centre and its shopfront, like the Little Regent Street entrance and all the tiny lift lobbies, has been modernised and faced with marble tiles. All interiors are modern. A second lift and stair have been inserted at the rear, accessed by a new lobby at the east end of Little Regent Street. (Godden Mackay Pty Ltd 1996:1147)

A large rusticated stone archway has since been infilled. (M.Stapleton 1978)
New openings in west wall (Block A). Reconstructed window and joinery. 1990s lift tower (Block A). (Godden Mackay Pty Ltd 1996:1147)
Current use: Commercial
Former use: Warehouse


Historical notes: Shipbuilding had taken place in Munn's yard since the 1820s. John Cuthbert, a prominent boat builder, took over the yard in 1853 and it became one of the major shipyards in Sydney. During the 1870s the nature of the area changed as wool export became more significant and required an ever-increasing amount of storage space. It is likely that both buildings were built by Cuthbert. An 1870s Plan of Sydney shows the site as Dibb's wharf with two bonded stores (Block A and B). The creation of Hickson Road by the Sydney Harbour Trust facilitated the erection of Block C in 1908. Its steel sawtooth roof was added in 1953. Dalgety & Co leased the entire site from the Sydney Harbour Trust from about 1913 until 1969. Dalgety's mercantile agency became one of the biggest firms of its kind and this block came to represent their prestige on the Sydney waterfront. An existing plan from 1949 shows the three stores and the way in which they were accommodated to the shape of the site. Store B was demolished between 1970 and 1978. With the removal of the western end of Munn Street in the 1970s, the complex acquired new visibility, and has more recently been adapted to new uses. (Godden Mackay Pty Ltd 1990:1147)

Historic themes

Australian theme (abbrev)New South Wales themeLocal theme
3. Economy-Developing local, regional and national economies Commerce-Activities relating to buying, selling and exchanging goods and services (none)-

Assessment of significance

SHR Criteria a)
[Historical significance]
The complex demonstrates the continued importance of mercantile activities in this part of Sydney. It provides important physical evidence of the major redevelopment and associated civil works that occurred in the area in the years following the bubonic plague of 1901. It is associated with leading merchant businesses in Sydney, including John Cuthbert and Dalgety & Co. It is also an example of appropriate conservation by adaptation to new uses. (Godden Mackay Pty Ltd 1996:1147)
SHR Criteria c)
[Aesthetic significance]
The former Dalgety's Bond Stores is an important landscape feature in this area of dramatic landform, addressing two street levels. It is an interesting juxtaposition of different architectural expressions in the one ensemble representing different phases of warehouse typology, and including more recent adaptive re-use. (Godden Mackay Pty Ltd 1996:1147)
SHR Criteria e)
[Research potential]
The former Dalgety's Bond Stores demonstrates and permits comparison of two basic types of traditional structure employing loadbearing perimeter walls and internal timber construction. Block A is a composite element displaying not only heavy timber structural members but also trussed timber girders and steel south-light external hoist sheaves. (Godden Mackay Pty Ltd 1996:1147)
SHR Criteria f)
The former Dalgety's Bond Stores is a rare and imposing complex that so clearly illustrates the evolution of warehouse development by providing evidence of changes in design, structure and function. (Godden Mackay Pty Ltd 1996:1147)
SHR Criteria g)
The former Dalgety's Bond Stores is representative of the many warehouses that once abounded in this area that were associated with the harbour activities and which served the wool industry. (Godden Mackay Pty Ltd 1996:1147)
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Procedures /Exemptions

Section of actDescriptionTitleCommentsAction date
57(2)Exemption to allow workStandard Exemptions SCHEDULE OF STANDARD EXEMPTIONS
Notice of Order Under Section 57 (2) of the Heritage Act 1977

I, the Minister for Planning, pursuant to subsection 57(2) of the Heritage Act 1977, on the recommendation of the Heritage Council of New South Wales, do by this Order:

1. revoke the Schedule of Exemptions to subsection 57(1) of the Heritage Act made under subsection 57(2) and published in the Government Gazette on 22 February 2008; and

2. grant standard exemptions from subsection 57(1) of the Heritage Act 1977, described in the Schedule attached.

Minister for Planning
Sydney, 11 July 2008

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Sep 5 2008

PDF Standard exemptions for works requiring Heritage Council approval


Heritage ListingListing TitleListing NumberGazette DateGazette NumberGazette Page
Heritage Act - State Heritage Register 0052602 Apr 99 271546
Heritage Act - Permanent Conservation Order - former 0052615 May 87 802345
Heritage Act - s.170 NSW State agency heritage register 4920012   
Local Environmental PlanCSH LEP 4 07 Apr 00   
Heritage study 114706 Aug 96   
National Trust of Australia register   03 Jul 78   
Within a National Trust conservation area West Rocks23 Jul 73   
Register of the National Estate 00223301 Oct 80   

Study details

TitleYearNumberAuthorInspected byGuidelines used
Maritime Services Board Heritage and Conservation Register : Sydney Harbour19901042Anglin Associates  No
City of Sydney Heritage Inventory19961147Godden Mackay Pty Ltd  Yes
Marine Ministerial Holding Corporation S170 Register1999 Heritage Unit, Department of Public works & Services  Yes

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WrittenM.Stapleton1978National Trust of Australia (NSW) Classification

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