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Junction Bridge

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Name of item: Junction Bridge
Type of item: Built
Group/Collection: Transport - Land
Category: Road Bridge
Location: Lat: -35.3161980377 Long: 148.2635507161
Primary address: Tumut Plains Road, Tumut, NSW 2720
Local govt. area: Tumut
Local Aboriginal Land Council: Brungle/Tumut


The Tumut River is located on the Tumut Plains Road 4.8 km east of Tumut.
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Street AddressSuburb/townLGAParishCountyType
Tumut Plains RoadTumutTumut  Primary Address


Organisation NameOwner CategoryDate Ownership Updated
Roads and Maritime ServicesState Government 

Statement of significance:

Junction Bridge is one of five McDonald trusses remaining in NSW to date (one of which is no longer used by road traffic), and of these, it is ranked second in terms of its heritage significance (MBK 1999: 90). The bridge is readily accessible from Sydney and the nearby alpine areas and is situated in an idyllic rural setting over the Tumut River. The bridge is the only existing triple span arrangement of the McDonals truss, a seminal bridge type designed by a prominent local engineer who was part of an important influential group of NSW Public Works Department Engineers, including Percy Allen, Harvey Dare, Ernest De Burgh and JJC Bradfield. Junction Bridge was designed to make full use of Australian native hardwoods as structural members and forms part of a group of bridge types that combine to illustrate the evolution of timber truss bridge design in Australia. Collectively, these revolutionized the ability of the government to provide trafficable roads around NSW in the late nineteenth century. While the Bridge as a whole has been assessed as fulfilling the criteria for listing on the SHR, the various elements that comprise the Bridge are of varying levels of significance: abutments, approach spans and barrier railing are of moderate significance, the deck is of high significance, and the truss spans and corss girders are of exceptional significance. Reference: Statement of Heritage Impact. Proposed rehabilitation and strengthening works on Junction Bridge over the Tumut River, Tumut, NSW. Date: 2005.
Date significance updated: 13 Sep 05
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Physical description: The Bridge consists of four timber girder approach spans and three McDonals truss spans. The bridge has a road width of 4.57 metres between kerbs, accommodating a single lane of traffic.

The original bridge plans show four timber girder spans on the Tumut side and no approach span on the other. However, it is nowhere stated in the records whether the Tumut end was built with three spans or whether one span was later removed.
the approach span on the Punt Bridge (or eastern) side was added around 1975 due to scour of the river bank which is on the outside of a bend in the river.
Current use: Bridge
Former use: Bridge


Historical notes: Annual Public Works reports suggest that wok on the Bridge commenced in 1893, and was completed by June 1895. According to the plans for the Bridge, this structure replaced an older bridge which had been located immediately south (upstream) of the new bridge.

The bridge was named the Shelley Bridge after the wife of Mr. George Shelley, one of the first settlers of Tumut, arriving in 1832. the name Shelley Bridge appears to have dropped ot of use until the late 1950s when E. H. Shelley, a grandson of Mrs. Shelley, requested that: 'The name of our late Grandmother should be honered by having the Bridge offically recorded as the Shelley Bridge, in accordance with the wishes of the relatives as indicated at the opening.

At the time of this request there appears to ahve been no record of the Bridge being named Shelley, but it was listed by the Public Works Department as the Junction Bridge over the Tumut River at Shelley's. However, Mr Shelley's request was complied with and action was taken to have signs erected at the bridge, naming it as Shelley's Bridge (RTA file 439.61).

RTA maintenance records for the Junction Bridge commece in 1932, although notes from that year mention previous maintenance works carried out by the Department of Public Works, NSW (RTA 2005).

Historic themes

Australian theme (abbrev)New South Wales themeLocal theme
4. Settlement-Building settlements, towns and cities Utilities-Activities associated with the provision of services, especially on a communal basis Roadways between Inland Settlements-

Procedures /Exemptions

Section of actDescriptionTitleCommentsAction date
57(2)Exemption to allow workStandard Exemptions SCHEDULE OF STANDARD EXEMPTIONS
Notice of Order Under Section 57 (2) of the Heritage Act 1977

I, the Minister for Planning, pursuant to subsection 57(2) of the Heritage Act 1977, on the recommendation of the Heritage Council of New South Wales, do by this Order:

1. revoke the Schedule of Exemptions to subsection 57(1) of the Heritage Act made under subsection 57(2) and published in the Government Gazette on 22 February 2008; and

2. grant standard exemptions from subsection 57(1) of the Heritage Act 1977, described in the Schedule attached.

Minister for Planning
Sydney, 11 July 2008

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Sep 5 2008

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Heritage ListingListing TitleListing NumberGazette DateGazette NumberGazette Page
Heritage Act - State Heritage Register 0147120 Jun 00 --
Heritage Act - s.170 NSW State agency heritage registerRoads & Traffic s.170    

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