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Search for NSW heritage

Here you can search the State Heritage Inventory. The State Heritage Inventory is a database of heritage items in New South Wales which includes:

  • declared Aboriginal Places
  • items listed on the State Heritage Register
  • listed Interim Heritage Orders
  • items on State Agency Heritage Registers, and,
  • items listed of local heritage significance on a local council’s Local Environmental Plan.

NSW’s maritime heritage, that is not a site listed on the State Heritage Register, is held in a separate database. You can search for shipwrecks, submerged aircraft and other maritime heritage sites in the Maritime Heritage Database.

For more information about Aboriginal Places and other sites of significance refer to Aboriginal Heritage Information Management System.

We work to keep the State Heritage Inventory up to date. We rely on State agencies and local councils to provide updated information when applicable. It’s recommended that you check with the relevant State agency or local council for the most up-to-date information.

Basic search criteria

   (For Aboriginal Place and State Heritage Register only)

Additional search criteria

NOTE: For items listed by local councils, there may not be information in the additional search criteria fields.
*View owner organisation names for section 170 heritage and conservation registers


Search Aboriginal Places & State Heritage Register

The map below shows declared Aboriginal Places and items listed on the State Heritage Register. It does not include listed Interim Heritage Orders, items on State Agency Heritage Registers or Local Environmental Plans.

The location of Aboriginal Places and State Heritage Register items are marked on the map as a single approximation point for general identification and research purposes only.

Location information for some Aboriginal Places (e.g. burial grounds and sacred sites) has been generalised because of their cultural sensitivity. Location information for restricted Aboriginal Places is not shown at all. If a proposed activity or development could potentially impact or harm (i.e. damage, deface or destroy) an Aboriginal Place, the people responsible for the proposed development must undertake a search for the exact boundaries of Aboriginal Places through Aboriginal Heritage Information Management System.

State Heritage Register spatial datasets and associated metadata into a Geographical Information System (GIS) software package is available through Data NSW.