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Carcoar School of Arts

Location: Icely Street, Carcoar, NSW 2791

Constructed: 1901

Carcoar is a picturesque village nestled amongst hills which has retained many of its historic buildings. The Carcoar Historical Society has published a free handy map and associated walking tour of Carcoar, which can be obtained from the Court House or the Enterprise General Stores or downloaded from their website. The Carcoar School of Arts is stop number 21 on the walk and also houses a military museum. It is in the Victorian Classical style, like the Carcoar courthouse, railway station, hospital and C.B.C. Bank, but also displays a strong Federation period influence in its roof construction and use of multi-coloured windows.

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Name of item: Carcoar School of Arts
Other name/s: Municipal Council Chambers
Type of item: Built
Collection: Community Facilities
Category: School of Arts
Location: Icely Street, Carcoar, NSW 2791
Local Govt: Blayney
Constructed: Constructed: 1901
Current use: Community facility
Former use: Municipal Chambers