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Lithgow Blast Furnace

Location: Inch Street, Lithgow, NSW 2790

Constructed: 1906-1907

Lithgow and this Blast Furnace record the beginning of the iron and steel industry in Australia. The furnace was established in 1886 by William Sandford and operated until 1928 when production was moved to Port Kembla. The site has now been converted into a park around the remains of the pump house and the furnace foundations. There is a pleasant walk around Lake Pillans Wetland adjacent to the park.

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Name of item: Lithgow Blast Furnace
Other name/s: Eskbank Ironworks Blast Furnace site; Industrial Archaeological Site
Type of item: Archaeological-Terrestrial
Collection: Mining and Mineral Processing
Category: Furnace
Location: Inch Street, Lithgow, NSW 2790
Local Govt: Lithgow
Builder: William Sandford Ltd.
Constructed: 1906-1907
Current use: Tourism, Lithgow Blast Furnace Park
Former use: Aboriginal land, farm, iron and steel works including Blast Furnace