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Location: 1-3 Manning Street, Potts Point, NSW 2011

Constructed: 1831-1837

Woolloomooloo Hill was once a very exclusive suburb - houses had to cost at least 1000 pounds, face the city and be approved by the Governor. Tusculum, designed by John Verge, fit the criteria and is an example of the mansions that once dominated this area. Tusculum is now the headquarters of the NSW chapter of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects. In the new building at the rear is a architectural bookshop, Architext, open to the public.

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Name of item: Tusculum
Type of item: Built
Collection: Residential buildings (private)
Category: Villa
Location: 1-3 Manning Street, Potts Point, NSW 2011
Local Govt: Sydney
Designer: John Verge (original); John Frederick Hilly; John Burcham Clamp (1900s modifications)
Builder: John White (1905 additions)
Constructed: 1831-1837
Current use: offices, events
Former use: Aboriginal land, town lot, residence