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Old Queanbeyan Hospital - Rusten House

Location: Antill Street, Queanbeyan, NSW 2620

Constructed: 1859-1862

Originally built to replace the Benevolent Asylum to serve the more affluent community, by the early twentieth century Rusten House became a community hospital, then a nurses' dormitory during the 1930s. It has been renamed after Matron Mary Rusten and is stop number four on the Queanbeyan Heritage Walk.

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Name of item: Old Queanbeyan Hospital - Rusten House
Other name/s: Rusten House; Queanbeyan General Hospital; Old Queanbeyan Hospital; Nurses Dormitory
Type of item: Built
Collection: Health Services
Category: Hospital
Location: Antill Street, Queanbeyan, NSW 2620
Local Govt: Queanbeyan
Designer: W.H.Downey, Government Architect (1859-61 sections)
Builder: Daniel, Jordan and Gibson
Constructed: 1859-1862
Current use: Blood Bank, being transferred from NSW Health to Queanbeyan City Council (2015)
Former use: Nurses' dormitory, Hospital