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General Post Office

Location: 1 Martin Place, Sydney, NSW 2000

Constructed: 1866-1874

The General Post Office was inspired by the Palazzi Communali of late Medieval and Renaissance Italy. It is the finest example of the Victorian Italian Renaissance style in NSW. The grandeur of the building befits the importance of Sydney's central post office in the communication network of New South Wales. The General Post Office is stop number 9 on the Commerce Heritage Walk compiled by the City of Sydney.

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Name of item: General Post Office
Other name/s: GPO Sydney, Postal Hall, Westin
Type of item: Built
Collection: Postal and Telecommunications
Category: Post Office
Location: 1 Martin Place, Sydney, NSW 2000
Local Govt: Sydney
Designer: James Barnet, Colonial Architect; WL Vernon (additions)
Builder: John Young
Constructed: 1866-1874
Current use: Hotel, offices, hospitality
Former use: Aboriginal land, town lot, Post Office