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Lydham Hall

Location: 18 Lydham Avenue, Rockdale, NSW 2216

Constructed: 1860-1860

Lydham Hall is open to the public as a museum displaying some of the finest antique furniture and ceramics in Sydney. The historic Rockdale house was built in 1860 by Joseph Davis, a master butcher. It later became the childhood home of Christina Stead, author of the acclaimed novel, 'The Man Who Loved Children'.

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Name of item: Lydham Hall
Other name/s: Lydham; Lydham Hill
Type of item: Built
Collection: Residential buildings (private)
Category: House
Location: 18 Lydham Avenue, Rockdale, NSW 2216
Local Govt: Rockdale
Builder: Sven Bengtson (Swedish stonemason)
Constructed: 1860-1860
Current use: Museum
Former use: Residence