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Justice and Police Museum

Location: 4-8 Phillip Street, Sydney, NSW 2000

Constructed: 1854-1886

Crime and punishment remains the order of the day at the Justice and Police Museum, previously known as the Water Police Court. This complex of mid 19th century civic buildings were strategically located site close to Circular Quay in order to monitor law and order on the waterfront. Now a museum, you can here examine historic mug shots of criminals, weapons used by police and evidence from famous cases such as the Shark Arm Murder, the Pyjama Girl Case and the Graeme Thorne kidnapping.There are also relics from bushrangers Frank Gardiner, Ben Hall, Captain Moonlight and Ned Kelly. There are frequent changes to the exhibitions, events and school activities.

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Name of item: Justice and Police Museum
Other name/s: Police Station & Law Courts (former), Traffic Court
Type of item: Built
Collection: Law Enforcement
Category: Police station
Location: 4-8 Phillip Street, Sydney, NSW 2000
Local Govt: Sydney
Designer: Edmund Blacket, Alexander Dawson, James Barnet
Constructed: 1854-1886
Current use: Museum
Former use: Aboriginal land, part of Government House grounds, Water Police Station, Courts and related offices