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Victoria Bridge over Stonequarry Creek

Location: Prince Street, Picton, NSW 2571

Bridges are not just functional, they can also be scenic and engineering attractions so spare some time to admire Victoria Bridge over the Stonequarry Creek. Completed in 1897, the Victoria Bridge is a representative but early example of an Allan type timber truss road bridge. Having the tallest timber trestle supporting piers of any timber truss bridge, the Victoria Bridge has an imposing appearance, and is both technically and aesthetically significant as a result. As a timber truss road bridge, it also has many associational links with important historical events, trends and people, including the expansion of the road network and economic activity throughout NSW, and Percy Allan, the designer of this type of truss.

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Name of item: Victoria Bridge over Stonequarry Creek
Type of item: Built
Collection: Transport - Land
Category: Road Bridge
Location: Prince Street, Picton, NSW 2571
Local Govt: Wollondilly
Current use: Road bridge
Former use: Road bridge