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Experiment Farm Cottage

Location: 9 Ruse Street, Harris Park, NSW 2150

Constructed: 1798

Discover the simple, yet elegant, lives of early colonial setters at Experiment Farm. On the site of the first land grant in the Australia and the first to be granted to a freed convict, James Ruse, this farm was the Governor Phillip's earliest agricultural 'experiment' to determine the period required in which a settler could become self-supporting and its initial success encouraged Phillip to open the Parramatta area to free settlement. Experiment Farm Cottage is a finely detailed colonial bungalow dating from circa 1834 and its sophistocated design is demonstrated through the architectural treatment of the front fa├žade, including french doors, delicate columns and main entrance, and the internal treatment of room configuration and its methods of integrating the verandah into the main area of the house. The cellar houses an exhibition on the establishment of Experiment Farm and activities can be arranged for children that demonstrate how the farm became self-sufficient. The National Trust runs a regular program of other activities at the site and guided tours are available on request. Check the National Trust website for more details.

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Name of item: Experiment Farm Cottage
Type of item: Complex / Group
Collection: Farming and Grazing
Category: Homestead Complex
Location: 9 Ruse Street, Harris Park, NSW 2150
Local Govt: Parramatta
Constructed: Constructed: 1798
Current use: House Museum
Former use: Residence and farm