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Lennox Bridge

Location: 349-351 (adj) Church Street, Parramatta, NSW 2150

Constructed: 1836-1839

The Lennox Bridge, constructed 1836-39, is an elegantly refined and proportioned sandstone single-arch bridge. Designed by David Lennox, the then NSW Superintendent of Bridges for the colony of NSW, the bridge replaced two earlier timber structures that had been destroyed by floods. Lennox, after whom the bridge was named, was a pioneer in bridge building in Australia and this bridge proved to be the last one he designed in NSW. Take some time to visit this unique structure as the views of the Parramatta River, to and from the bridge, are just as beautiful as the bridge itself.

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Name of item: Lennox Bridge
Type of item: Complex / Group
Collection: Transport - Land
Category: Road Bridge
Location: 349-351 (adj) Church Street, Parramatta, NSW 2150
Local Govt: Parramatta
Designer: David Lennox
Builder: David Lennox, Superintendent of Bridges
Constructed: 1836-1839
Current use: transport
Former use: transport (trams have gone)