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Hill 60/ Illowra Battery

Location: Military Road, Port Kembla, NSW 2505

Constructed: 1942

A narrow but established walking track guides you to the summit of Hill 60 and, from there, the lookout affords you spectacular views up and down the coast. Down on the beach below are an array of Aboriginal archaeological remains that demonstrate the evolving pattern of Aboriginal cultural history and the Aboriginal land rights struggle in the region. The artefacts, including the shell middens, are rare on the NSW coast. The Hill was also tunnelled and fitted with guns during World War II to protect Port Kembla and, although the guns have been removed, the concrete bunkers still remain.

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Name of item: Hill 60/ Illowra Battery
Other name/s: Red Point; Illowra Trig Station; The Hill
Type of item: Landscape
Collection: Aboriginal
Category: Historic site
Location: Military Road, Port Kembla, NSW 2505
Local Govt: Wollongong City
Constructed: Constructed: 1942
Current use: Recreation, public use
Former use: Aboriginal land