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Dawes Point Battery remains

Location: Hickson Road, The Rocks, NSW 2000

Constructed: 1791-1925

The post-1788 archaeological remains at the Dawes Point Battery are exceedingly rare, with the remains of First Government House and parts of the Dockyard on the western side of the Cove being some of the few examples bearing witness to the first 10 years of white settlement at Sydney Cove. The 1789 Foundation Stone (now with the Mitchell Collection in the NSW State Library) and the five 1850s cannon on their upper gun carriages contribute strongly to the heritage significance of the place, in addition to being significant in their own right. As a place, Dawes Point is important for its cultural values to several identifiable groups within NSW society including present and former residents of the Rocks and Millers Point; people involved in the fight to save the Rocks in the 1970s; descendants of the many artillerymen and their families who were stationed at Dawes Point; and Bridge construction and maintenance workers, their families and descendants. Dawes Point, as a setting for the Harbour Bridge, is valued for its aesthetic and engineering significance by several identifiable groups including the Institution of Engineers (Australia) and the Royal Australian Institute of Architects.

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Name of item: Dawes Point Battery remains
Type of item: Built
Collection: Defence
Category: Battery
Location: Hickson Road, The Rocks, NSW 2000
Local Govt: Sydney
Builder: William Dawes, Robert Ross, Francis Greenway, George Barney, SHFA
Constructed: 1791-1925
Current use: Recreation
Former use: Artillery