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Bogey Hole, The

Location: Shortland Esplande, Newcastle, NSW 2300

Constructed: 1819-1884

The Bogey Hole is a popular swimming spot in Newcastle, located beneath a headland and providing a spectacular vantage point to view the ocean. A surviving example of construction from the days of the earliest European settlement in Newcastle, the Bogey Hole is a convict-built baths hewn out of a rock face for the personal use of Major James Morisset, a notable military figure from the early period of European settlement in Australia. Built in 1819, this place is the first recorded European purpose-built ocean pool on the NSW coast

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Name of item: Bogey Hole, The
Other name/s: The Bogey Hole, Commandant's Baths, Bogie Hole
Type of item: Landscape
Collection: Urban Area
Category: Swimming Pool - tidal
Location: Shortland Esplande, Newcastle, NSW 2300
Local Govt: Newcastle
Designer: Commandant James Morisset
Builder: Convict labour, 1819/20; enlarged to present dimensions by Newcastle Borough Council, in 1884
Constructed: 1819-1884
Current use: Public recreation
Former use: Private recreation