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The Ben Hall Sites (Collectively)

Location: Various, Forbes, NSW 2871

Constructed: 1862-1865

Ben Hall, a notorious outlaw who terrorised and intimidated; a thief and a thug? Or a gentleman bushranger driven to the wrong side of the law by circumstance? There are layers of truth in his story no doubt that are much more complex than we know but what is certain is that the character Ben Hall captured the imaginations of the people of NSW to such an extent there are commemorative events in his honour even today. Through festivals, poetry, songs, books and websites the story in all its versions lives on. The listing of the Ben Hall Sites celebrates the notoriety of Hall and his significance to the people of NSW. The sites represent the significant aspects of his short three year bushranging career until he was shot to death by police on the banks of Billabong Creek in 1865. The site where he died is located out of Forbes taking the Bogan Gate Road, turning left at Yarrabandai Road, right before Cottons Hill and then follow the signs. The place is marked by signs. Also on Bogan Gate Road is the cemetery where Ben Hall is buried, his grave is marked by a headstone and picket fence. The start of Ben Halls career is debated but the first robbery to which he can be linked was the hold up of the Gold coach at Escort rock. A daring escapade lead by the charismatic outlaw Frank Gardiner in 1862. Escort rock is about 4kms past Eugowra on the road to Orange. The rocky hill can be seen from the small rest area by the side of the road and is marked by a plaque. Another site is the Bushranger hotel which is the only surviving hotel in NSW which has been in continuous use as a hotel that was the subject of attack by bushrangers. On 26 January 1865 Ben Hall, John Gilbert and John Dunn held up the hotel, taking captives. John Dunn shot and killed Constable Samuel Nelson during the raid and a memorial to Constable Nelson can be seen next to the hotel. The other two sites in the list of Ben Hall Sites are privately owned and are not accessible to the public.

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Name of item: The Ben Hall Sites (Collectively)
Type of item: Complex / Group
Collection: Landscape - Cultural
Category: Historic Landscape
Location: Various, Forbes, NSW 2871
Local Govt: Forbes
Constructed: 1862-1865
Current use: Various
Former use: Various