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Brewarrina Aboriginal Fish Traps / Baiame's Ngunnhu

Location: , Brewarrina, NSW 2839

The Brewarrina Fish Traps are a complex arrangement of stone walls situated in the Barwon River which feeds into the Darling River. Nearly half a kilometre in length, these fish traps are the largest known in Australia and were an ingenious invention long used by Aboriginal people to catch fish. The age of these fish traps is unknown and they may be one of the oldest human constructions in the world. They have been listed on the State Heritage Register and the National Heritage List. Aboriginal legend explains that they are an ancient Dreamtime site built by Baiame and his two sons Booma-ooma-nowi and Ghinda-inda-mui.

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Name of item: Brewarrina Aboriginal Fish Traps / Baiame's Ngunnhu
Other name/s: Aboriginal Fishtraps, fisheries, Nonah, Nyemba Fish Traps, Biame, Biaime, Baime, water fishery
Type of item: Landscape
Collection: Aboriginal
Category: Fish/eel trap
Location: , Brewarrina, NSW 2839
Local Govt: Brewarrina
Designer: Baime
Builder: Baime, Booma-ooma-nowi and Ghindi-inda-mui
Current use: Fishing, meeting place, education, tourism
Former use: Aboriginal land, fishing, meeting place