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Hay Gaol

Location: 355 Church Street, Hay, NSW 2711

Constructed: 1879-1880

The Hay Gaol is an example of a small-scale Victorian-era country prison that combines foreboding design features (such as its entranceway, perimeter walls, cellblock and isolation cell) with vernacular materials. Built in 1880, this site was later used as a detention and hospitalisation facility and then as a girls' institution. The site also has an association with the imprisonment of Japanese prisoners of war (POWs) and a believed link with girls of the Stolen Generation. There is also the Gaol Museum on the site for visitors to learn about the history of this interesting and significant place.

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Name of item: Hay Gaol
Other name/s: Hay Jail, Hay Institution for Girls, Dunera boys internment camp
Type of item: Complex / Group
Collection: Law Enforcement
Category: Gaol/Lock-up
Location: 355 Church Street, Hay, NSW 2711
Local Govt: Hay
Designer: James Barnet, Colonial Architect
Builder: Witcombe Brothers
Constructed: 1879-1880
Current use: Museum and cultural centre
Former use: Colonial prison, hospital, POW camp, emergency flood housing, girls institution.