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Central heating

The most economical central heating systems are zoned - either high efficiency ducted heaters (natural gas), or hydronic systems (natural gas, wood or solar). Zoned means you can heat different areas of your home at different times.

When choosing a gas system or reverse-cycle air-conditioner, look for the Energy Rating Label (the more stars, the better the performance and the more money you'll save on your power bills).

Economical central heating

Compare the energy efficiency of different systems.

System typeDescriptionRunning costCarbon emissions
Hydronic zoned with wood/solar heat source Water is heated in a boiler (fuelled by wood or solar heat) circulated to radiator panels that heat a room low very low
High efficiency ducted natural gas Circulates warm air around the home low low
Hydronic zoned natural gas or heat pump Water is heated in a boiler (fuelled by natural gas, LPG, or off-peak 2 tariff electricity) and circulated to radiator panels that heat the room low low
Ducted reverse-cycle heat pump Circulates warm or cool air around the home medium medium
In-slab high off-peak electric A concrete slab is heated by internal electric cables (or hot water pipes) medium very high

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Page last updated: 10 December 2015