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Running cost calculator

The true cost of an appliance must include the total running costs over its lifetime, which can often amount to more than the purchase price.

Smarter Choice

The Energy Rating Calculator helps you choose products that provide the best value for money.

This handy tool can save you hundreds of dollars on your power and water bills, and is an easy way to participate in conserving our natural resources.


How it works

Before you purchase a TV, fridge, freezer, washing machine, dryer, air conditioner or computer monitor,  check out its energy ratings labels (remember – the more stars, the better).  

Enter the number of stars into the Energy Rating Calculator, along with information on the type and model of the appliance, its water/energy consumption and the expected frequency of use. The calculator will give you an estimate of how much the appliance will cost to run in the long term.

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Page last updated: 31 March 2017