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Heating your home needn’t cost the earth. To help you calculate running costs and choose the best energy-efficient appliances, use the star ratings system.

Look for the Energy Rating Label, displayed on all new electrical appliances, to calculate running costs and find the most efficient heating for your needs.

Compare models with the same star ratings by looking at the energy consumption specification on the label. The lower the consumption, the less it will cost to run the heater.

Over the lifetime of an appliance, the running costs can often exceed the purchase price of some appliances, so before you buy use the Energy Rating Calculator to compare how much different models are likely to cost in the long run.

Heating running costs

Room size Suitable heater type Energy star rating Annual cost ~
Small room – 10 square metres Small gas (1.5 kW) ****½ $88
****** $62
Portable electric heater (2.4 kW) N/A $385
Reverse-cycle air-conditioning *** $101
****½ $81
Medium room – 35 square metres Medium gas (3.5 kW) * $166
**** $139
Electric panel or fan (4 kW) N/A $641
Reverse-cycle air-conditioning ** $188
*** $160
Large area – 60 square metres Large gas (7 kW) ****½ $338
Electric panel or fan (6 kW) N/A $962
Reverse-cycle air-conditioning **½ $283
**** $239
Whole house – 166 square metres Reverse-cycle air-conditioning $737
** $706

~ Approximate annual running costs, based on 500 hours usage and NSW household electricity prices as at July 2013.

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Page last updated: 10 December 2015