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Be star-struck on your silver screen. Buy a television with at least three stars!

Use the information from the Energy Rating Label, displayed on all new electrical appliances, and the Energy Rating Calculator, to ensure you are buying the most energy-efficient television.

Compare star ratings

  • Every extra energy star cuts running costs by up to 20 per cent.
  • Compare models with the same screen size using the star rating at the top of the Energy Rating Label. The more stars, the less money you spend on running costs.
  • Compare models with the same star-rating by looking at the energy consumption number on the label. The lower that score, the higher your savings.

Don’t waste your money

Running costs can exceed the purchase price of some electrical appliances, so it’s worthwhile considering the long term value offered by energy-efficient appliances.

  • Choose a television size that suits your needs. Keep in mind that generally the smaller the television, the less electricity it will use
  • LCD/LED televisions are currently the most efficient. LCD/LED TVs have a liquid crystal screen, with light emitting diodes providing the illumination behind the screen
  • Plasma televisions consume much more energy in comparison with LCD/LED models of the same screen size.
  • Many new televisions have an energy saving mode that can reduce energy consumption even further.

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Page last updated: 29 January 2016