Brunswick River


| Contents | Background | Consultation | Objectives | WQOs | RFOs | Glossary | Bibliography| Map | At a Glance |

| Background | Why the NSW Government is providing guidelines on environmental quality, how it developed them, and what will be done to achieve them.
| Consultation | Community comment on the objectives:
community comment for this catchment, including the major river health issues raised.
| Objectives | Water Quality and River Flow Objectives for the catchment:
objectives that apply specifically to this catchment.
| WQOs | Water Quality Objectives explained:
the Water Quality Objectives that apply specifically to this catchment, including the indicators and numerical criteria applying to each objective.
| RFOs | River Flow Objectives explained:
River Flow Objectives that apply specifically to this catchment.
| Glossary | Some definitions you may find useful.
| Bibliography | A list of documents referred to in these guidelines, and further reading.
| Map | A large (approx. 1500 x 1000 pixel) map.
| At a Glance | Catchment at a Glance (PDF format):
a one-page table (.gif image approx 30KB, and 800 x 500 pixels) showing the objectives applying to areas of this catchment or to categories of streams within the catchment. Each table image is linked to a PDF version for printing. (PDF requires a free, downloadable computer program called Acrobat Reader.)


This page was published 1 May 2006