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How to get the most out of this website

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The environmental objectives are presented as a set of guidelines for each of 31 NSW catchments. Each set of guidelines follows the same format.

Some parts of the guidelines are identical for all catchments, so if you are interested in two or more catchments you don't have to read or save every part twice.

The content of other parts of the guidelines differs considerably between catchments. There are also sections that appear similar but contain important differences between catchments. To read or save all of the guidelines applying to a catchment you should download all those sections for that catchment.

top of pageGuiding principles - for water quality and river flow management

1. Background

top of page2. Consultation - community comment on the proposed objectives

3. Objectives - water quality and river flow objectives for the catchment

top of page4. WQOs - water quality objectives explained

5. RFOs explained - river flow objectives explained

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At a Glance - catchment at a glance

This page was published 1 May 2006