Historic Heritage Information Management System

The Historic Heritage Information Management System (HHIMS) assists the Office of Environment and Heritage to manage information on over 11,000 heritage items on land managed by NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service. Information from heritage studies and related documents are also included in HHIMS' records about particular sites on NPWS Estate. 

HHIMS aids in the protection and management of these sites by maintaining and providing information concerning the nature, current status and location of sites. HHIMS information facilitates inquiries, supports site protection, enables better management and research and provides the secure protection of sensitive cultural and historical information.

HHIMS replaced the previous National Parks and Wildlife Service Historic Places Register in August 2002, and  enables the Office of Environment and Heritage to meet its obligations under Section 170 of the NSW Heritage Act 1977.

Accessing data

HHIMS data is available to the public. To request data, contact the HHIMS Registrar.

More information

To find out more about the Historic Heritage Information Management System, contact the HHIMS Registrar.

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Page last updated: 13 July 2017