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Firewood collection reminder

Media release: 15 August 2013

The National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) has issued a reminder that firewood collection in national parks, nature reserves and state conservation areas (SCAs) is illegal and can attract significant fines.

NPWS Area Manager David Crust said a number of offenders have been caught collecting firewood in reserves around Mudgee in the last month and have been issued with infringement notices and fines.

NPWS manages a number of clearly signposted conservation reserves around Mudgee including Wollemi, Goulburn River, Coolah Tops and Capertee National Parks and Durridgere SCA.

“It’s important that people understand that firewood collection, including removal of fallen timber is illegal,” Mr Crust said.

“Significant penalties apply to anyone caught removing timber from a NPWS managed reserve.

“It’s also an offence to bring a chainsaw into protected areas and on-the-spot fines apply.

“The removal of timber can have a range of environmental impacts including soil erosion and loss of vital habitat for native animals, birds and insects.

“Dead wood such as branches, logs and standing trees all provide essential habitat.

“It is important for people to understand that national parks are refuge areas for native animals looking for shelter from the cooler weather.”

People should contact Forests NSW for information on permits to collect firewood in a State Forest.

Contact: Susie Summers

Page last updated: 15 August 2013