New camping arrangements for Carrington Falls, Budderoo NP

Media release: 13 February 2014

The NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) is taking steps to ensure Carrington Falls camping area in Budderoo National Park is an enjoyable family destination.

There has been increasing vandalism and anti-social behaviour at Carrington Falls camping area. NPWS is seeking to curb this through the introduction of formal bookings and camping fees, which will be required from February 14.

NPWS Area Manager Graham Bush said the last two years had seen a disappointing increase in problems in the area.

"Most visitors do the right thing but unfortunately there has been a steady increase in vandalism and complaints of offensive behaviour at this small but popular bush camping area,” Mr Bush said.

“Fees will be $10 for two adults plus $5 for each additional adult and $3 for each child. Sites are now booked through the Fitzroy Falls Visitors Centre on 4887 7270.

"The Carrington Falls camping area is closed for repair of the latest round of vandalism and when it reopens on February 14, visitors will find new arrangements in place.

"We have previously tried to address the problems through increased patrols, formalised camp sites, new fencing, and installing signage to explain the reasons for change, but it hasn’t stopped the problems.

"We do thank those visitors who have enjoyed Carrington Falls responsibly over the years and regret that these changes have become necessary.”

The NPWS community-based Advisory Committee for the region is supportive of the changes. The Chair of the Committee, Dr Kevin Mills, said measures were necessary to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for park visitors.

“The Advisory Committee recently visited the Carrington Falls camping area and supports the introduction of a booking system and camp fees,” Dr Mills said.

“There are not many opportunities to camp in a bush setting in the Southern Highlands and the Committee wishes this to continue to be an enjoyable experience for all visitors.

“We support the NPWS in its efforts to maintain the camping area at Carrington Falls to a high standard.”

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