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Closure of unauthorised tracks at Blowering Dam Foreshores

Media release: 26 November 2015

 The National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) is preparing to close three unauthorised vehicle tracks onto the Blowering Dam Foreshores in Kosciuszko National Park due to safety concerns.

The three unauthorised tracks are used by park visitors accessing the dam from the Snowy Mountains Highway.

Mick Pettitt, NPWS Southern Ranges Regional Manager, said slip rails will be installed across the tracks in the coming weeks to stop people making dangerous and unsafe turns off and onto the highway.

"Following advice from Roads and Maritime Services, NPWS is permanently closing these tracks to stop drivers taking unnecessary risks when visiting the area," said Mr Pettitt.

"In addition to road safety concerns, the tracks have been created on an ad-hoc basis and are steep and unsafe for vehicles, particularly those towing caravans and boats.

"Multiple tracking is also causing environmental concerns such as erosion. Unauthorised access to these sections of the foreshores has also led to unacceptable environmental impacts from human waste and garbage.

"While the three tracks will be closed, visitors can still access these sections of Blowering Dam Foreshores by boat or on foot.

"All other vehicle access to the majority of the Blowering Dam Foreshores remains unchanged and visitors can continue to safely make their way to the six designated picnic and camping areas and boat ramps," Mr Pettit said.

Blowering Dam is a well-known fishing and camping spot that attracts locals and visitors, particularly over the summer months.

NPWS have begun works in preparation for the track closures that are expected to come into effect in coming weeks. In the interim, additional signage will be installed at the sites warning motorists of the closures.

Contact: Sarah Scroope

Page last updated: 26 November 2015