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NPWS to review Glenrock Track Closures

Media release: 14 August 2013

The National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) has announced a halt to closures of tracks in the southern section of Glenrock State Conservation Area while the closures are reviewed. The announcement follows a meeting between NPWS and the Glenrock Mountain Bike Alliance earlier this week (12/08) to address concerns about the implementation of the plan of management for Glenrock SCA, at Newcastle.

NPWS Head Ann King said the meeting agreed on two broad areas. One was that the NPWS will continue to work with the Alliance to improve and refine the existing 14 km of world class single track mountain bike tracks in the north of Glenrock. This has already been very well received by riders. The second is to consult further with the alliance and the wider community on the future of the existing informal tracks in the southern end of the SCA.

“We have resolved to review the plan to close the informal but popular Bus Stop Trail in the southern part of the SCA,” said Ms King. “While this review is being done, no further closures of informal tracks will be undertaken.

“We appreciate that, being within the city of Newcastle, the park is heavily used by a number of groups including horse riders, joggers, walkers, mountain bikers and families cycling.

“As one of the most popular parks for mountain biking in the State, there has already been a substantial upgrade of the bike track network in Glenrock SCA in recent years.

“Over the last 3 years we have invested around $500,000 to complete the mountain bike trail network in the northern section of Glenrock”, Ms King said.

“The network has been designed to meet international best practice and is signposted according to a trail difficulty system”, she said.

“This is to improve the outdoor experience for a wide variety of visitors and encourage visitors to use trails that match their skill level as well as to manage risk and minimize injuries.

“Glenrock SCA was one of the first areas to establish and maintain a strong collaboration with Mountain bike interest groups including the Glenrock Trail Alliance, as a part of the consultative group that developed the plan of management that guides this activity in the park.

With the input of professional track builders a diverse network of tracks for bike riders to enjoy riding has been developed.

The track network has been so successful that several competitive events have already been held within Glenrock.

Contact: Lawrence Orel

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