$1.5 million in grants for businesses to cut energy costs

Businesses can apply for up to $20,000 from the NSW Government to help them save on energy bills by identifying ways to fine-tune processes and upgrade equipment.

Man wearing yellow hardhat checking electrical wiring.

The first round of grants totalling $1.5 million will fund up to 50% of installation costs for businesses to install new submeters which provide data about equipment performance.

This round is part of a $12 million metering package being delivered under the NSW Net Zero Plan over the next 5 years.

Director of Program and Market Development, Steve Procter, said understanding a business’s energy use enables operators to decide how they maintain their equipment for best performance or whether to upgrade older equipment.

'Metering is a critical first step in energy management because a lack of metering, monitoring and energy management capabilities stops business starting energy efficiency projects,' Mr Procter said.

'Metering helps cut energy use, particularly at peak times, manages energy costs and detects faults and equipment failures.'

Increasing the number of businesses metering and monitoring energy and taking action to reduce consumption in their facilities will help meet the NSW objective to halve emissions by 2030.

Improving metering coverage also enables businesses to access incentives under the Energy Security Safeguard, some of which require data on pre- and post-implementation energy use.

Eligible businesses that spend more than $200,000 a year on energy bills can apply for submetering grants on the EnergySaver website.

The grants close on 2 December 2022 unless funding is taken up earlier. All projects must be complete by 30 June 2023.