$16.3 million for floodplain management projects

Federal Justice Minister Michael Keenan, NSW Environment Minister Rob Stokes and NSW Police and Emergency Services Minister Stuart Ayres today announced more than $16 million for new projects to deal with flood risks throughout NSW.

Flood damaged trees, Nepean River

Mr Keenan said natural hazards are a fact of life in Australia and the Commonwealth was pleased to support communities across NSW to manage and mitigate natural disaster risks.

“Natural disasters, such as flooding, have an enormous impact on our economy and can cripple businesses and communities, and projects funded under the Natural Disaster Resilience Program will help everyone be better prepared,” Mr Keenan said.

Mr Stokes said funds are being offered to local councils and other authorities for 51 projects across NSW to protect communities from the impacts of these natural disasters. Funding comes from both the Floodplain Management Program and the Flood Plain Risk Management Grant Scheme.

“Losses from flooding in NSW are estimated at more than $200 million annually, and that doesn’t even begin to account for the emotional toll that floods can have on communities,” Mr Stokes said.

“The NSW Government’s Floodplain Management Program aims to reduce the impact of flooding on communities and to reduce public and private losses that can occur.

“The program provides funds to councils and other authorities to prepare and implement floodplain risk management plans to reduce flood risks to existing and future development.”

Mr Ayres said the Floodplain Risk Management Grants Scheme is part of the Natural Disaster Resilience Program jointly funded by the NSW and Commonwealth Governments.

“The projects funded under this program will also help to save lives and property and help communities prepare for the impacts of flooding,” Mr Ayres said.

For further details on individual grants, go to Project summaries: 2014-15 Floodplain management grants.