$40 million for climate change protection

The NSW Government is investing more than $40 million to meet the challenges of climate change.

Swamp banksia (Banksia robur) seedlings

Environment Minister, Gabrielle Upton, said our resilience to climate change will be improved through a $30 million investment to help households, businesses and councils respond to natural hazards like storms, bushfires, floods and drought.

A further $10.2 million from the Climate Change Fund will support new energy efficiency standards for appliances, buildings and infrastructure.

"Together, these Climate Change Fund initiatives will improve the state's ability to tackle the challenges of climate change," the Minister said.

"For example, people will get more information to help them respond better to climate change risks by improving climate projections and hazard maps.

"This means new roads and train lines can be designed to meet the demands of future weather conditions.

"It will also provide important grant funding so local councils can respond to climate risks in their local areas by:

  • installing shade cloth, water misting systems or replacing concrete with heat-reflective materials in council-run preschools and libraries
  • aerating and cooling water reservoirs and dams to reduce algal bloom that affects town water supplies
  • planting sea grasses or mangroves to protect shorelines or reserves from erosion.

"Households and business will also benefit from detailed information to help them reduce their exposure to natural hazards by:

  • using flood resistant material or improving gutters to protect homes and buildings against heavy storms
  • planting more trees to provide shade in hot weather
  • avoiding developments in areas prone to future flooding.

"The detailed information we will provide about climate risks as a part of this package will also enable farmers and other businesses to change the way they operate – including being able to make smarter investments in water and power.

This information will also help farmers respond to a changing climate by making better choices about crop varieties and sowing times to improve crop yields.

The latest funding is in addition to the Premier's August announcement of $72 million in energy efficiency measures to slash power bills for thousands of families and businesses across New South Wales.

The NSW Government is spending $1.4 billion from the Fund over 2017 to 2022 to help the environment, reduce power bills and improve energy efficiency.