Australian Energy Regulator appointed under Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap

The NSW Government has today appointed the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) as a regulator under the NSW Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap.

Electricity lines

The AER regulates wholesale and retail energy markets and energy networks under national energy legislation and rules. The AER is also responsible for the economic regulation of electricity transmission and distribution networks and gas transmission and distribution pipelines in all Australian jurisdictions except Western Australia.

The AER is an excellent appointment as regulator and will be an asset in supporting the delivery of the Roadmap to ensure that the benefits to consumers are realised.

The AER’s existing knowledge and experience in the national markets means it is well placed to perform the regulator functions under the Roadmap and help us move towards a cleaner, more sustainable energy system, while maximising benefits to consumers.

AER Chair Clare Savage welcomed the appointment of the AER to this vital role.

“I welcome the appointment of the AER to this vital role and the opportunity to strengthen the NSW Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap through our expertise as the national economic regulator of electricity infrastructure,” Mrs Savage said.

“We will work with the NSW Government, and all of the relevant agencies, to ensure NSW consumers are better off now and in the future as the NSW energy landscape dramatically changes.”

The key functions the AER has been appointed to under the Electricity Infrastructure Investment Act 2020 (NSW) include:

  • making 5-year revenue determinations for network infrastructure projects authorised by the Consumer Trustee, including the calculation of the prudent, efficient and reasonable capital costs of these projects
  • making annual contribution determinations in relation to the Electricity Infrastructure Fund
  • approving a risk management framework developed by the Consumer Trustee
  • reviewing tender rules in relation to long-term energy service agreements.