South Coast shorebird success and tales

This summer as the south coast welcomes a swathe of visitors to its beaches and lakes, spare a thought for the locals who call the coast home - the endangered beach-nesting birds.

Male turquoise parrot, Warrumbungles

A surprisingly (given the dry conditions) rich Spring survey meant we saw 79 species, including 18 turquoise parrots.

We are heading out again to survey bird diversity and abundance as part of an ongoing project to continue to monitor the Park's recovery from the fire in 2013.

We'll go out counting birds each morning from 25 to 28 April inclusive – leaving you plenty of time for other bird-watching and exploring Warrumbungle National Park.

Get involved and you can join in for as little or as much as you want.

For information about the previous bird counts, see Birdwatch at Warrumbungle National Park

Please contact Gillian Dunkerley at for more information and to register your interest.